TechLaw Ventures, PLLC recognizes that the intellectual property of a business may have significant value and is often the main revenue source for many businesses. Our licensing attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in a wide variety of inbound an outbound licensing transactions, both to promote and develop business, and to settle disputes. Our domestic and international licensing experience is broad, and includes small to seven figure deals, and for complex, software and website development agreements, patent and technology licensing, hardware and equipment purchases or leases, reseller and distributor agreements (with limited trademark rights), and services and maintenance contract.

We enable licensing of data from email and marketing lists to highly sensitive HIPAA controlled medical information, and a variety of patented technology. We help clients comply with—or avoid—complex franchise and “business opportunity” registration and compliance. And we help clients understand, investigate, and contract to avoid effects of the several shades of adverse open source or “copyleft” computer code.

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