About Us

Expertise and Experience

The firm is comprised of attorneys with substantial expertise and experience in advising clients on the protection and commercialization of all forms of intellectual property (including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets), technology, products and services in domestic and international markets, data security and privacy, and in preparing its clients to withstand due diligence by sophisticated investors, partners, purchasers, auditors and regulators. The firm also routinely advises clients in significant software, Internet, advertising, healthcare, outsourcing, data and IT security, chemical and other technology deals and disputes. The firm’s patent attorneys procure and enforce patent rights in many diverse technological fields, including e-commerce, software, mechanical technologies, medical devices, healthcare, electrical technologies, sensor technologies, semi-conductors, nutritional supplements, chemical arts, and various other technology areas.

Utah’s Most Significant Technology Attorneys

TechLaw Ventures, PLLC is a law firm formed to represent high tech companies in their domestic and international legal needs, and to represent other companies and organizations in all industries on technology and intellectual property matters. The firm’s attorneys have provided legal counsel over the years in many of Utah’s most significant technology-related deals. Located in its own Technology Law Center building near Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, the firm is convenient to clients in Salt Lake and Utah Counties, but it also serves out-of-state clients across the country and internationally.