Business Transactions

TechLaw Ventures, PLLC knows that for a business to thrive, its business transactions must provide value to customers while protecting the business from potential liabilities. Our attorneys help business owners know and understand the liability risks of their business transactions and reduce risks in negotiating and drafting enforceable contracts. While no contract can be expected to address every unforeseen event or circumstance, our attorneys strive to limit the liability exposure of our clients and add value and experience to the business transaction.

Our transactional attorneys represent clients in a wide variety of transactions including complex reseller and distributor agreements, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, internet sales and marketing, website privacy and usage policies, convertible and other debt and equity financing, loans, employment and independent contractor agreements, non-compete provisions, non- disclosure and confidentiality agreements, office and commercial space leases, supply and vendor contracts, consulting agreements, and consumer and commercial transactions.

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